Email Marketing

Email marketing is one of the most effective ways to reach targeted prospects to engage your audience.     

Why should your business leverage targeted Email marketing?

  • Email marketing is very effective - allowing marketers to reach targeted prospects without printing and postage costs.
  • You can be very selective in who you deploy to - allowing you to reach only those targeted prospects that meet your demographic selection criteria.
  • You can easily and quickly track and measure your results - providing you with real-time Open and Click tracking to quickly determine campaign results and next steps..
  • You can reach more mobile users - with over 70% of email being read on smartphones and tablets, Email marketing proves to be an effective tactic for reaching more targeted prospects. 

At DataDirect Marketing Solutions, we provide our clients with an effective Email approach that includes:  segmenting targeted Email leads, managing the email set up and campaign deployment, and providing real-time tracking analysis to determine ROI and next steps.