What We Do

List Research and Brokerage

Selecting the right audience is the single most important factor in your direct marketing campaign. Our list research & brokerage service is focused on identifying and obtaining the most targeted and qualified lists for your program. There are literally thousands of different data sources available for direct marketing programs. Our objective is to research, identify and obtain the best sources for your specific target market.


Analytic Services

Can you accurately describe the demographics of your best customers? Do you know your market penetration?

Understanding who your customers are is a critical step in designing and executing marketing campaigns, whether for acquisition or retention. Our analytic solutions help answer questions like these that you should be asking about your business. Based on a thorough understanding of your strategic marketing objectives, a data analytics solution is designed that best fits your tactical marketing requirements.

Many times these custom solutions leverage both customer data and 3rd party information sources, adding demographic information that will help you determine who your most profitable customers are, what characteristics they share and - most importantly - how to find more customers just like them. That's information to improve your bottom line.

Data Processing Services

Effective database marketing is typically dependent upon a variety of strategic and customized data processing steps, such as list hygiene, de-duplication, and custom data formatting, among others. The accuracy of these processes is critical to maximizing the success of your program and minimizing wasted cost.


Email Marketing

Email marketing is one of the most effective ways to reach targeted prospects to engage your audience. At DataDirect Marketing Solutions, we provide our clients with an effective Email approach that includes: segmenting targeted Email leads, managing the email set up and campaign deployment, and providing real-time tracking analysis to determine ROI and next steps.