Analytic Services

Can you accurately describe the demographics of your best customers?

Do you know your market penetration?

Our analytic services help answer questions like these that you should be asking about your business. Based on a thorough understanding of your strategic marketing objectives, a data analytics solution is designed that best fits your tactical marketing requirements.

Many times these custom solutions leverage both customer data and 3rd party information sources, adding demographic information that will help you determine who your most profitable customers are, what characteristics they share and – most importantly – how to find more customers just like them. That’s information to improve your bottom line.

Our analytical services transform customer data into meaningful information. This can include:

Profiling and Segmentation

Understanding who your customers are is a critical step in designing and executing campaigns, whether for acquisition or retention. Profiling illustrates what your customers look like with respect to key behavioral, demographic, or geo-demographic attributes. Comparative profiling examines how key attributes differ across pre-defined customer groups (e.g. customers sourced via direct mail vs. customers sourced online). Segmentation divides your customers into a small number of groups, within which customers share key characteristics. These segments can be used to craft a handful of focused campaign messages, creative, and product offerings, all specifically targeted to individual customer segments.Two common analyses in the process include:

  • Customer Analysis Profile:

Provides important insight regarding the distribution of your customers across various demographic segments. Understanding who your customers are is a critical step in designing and executing marketing campaigns.

  • Market Penetration Analysis:

Provides insight into how effectively your company is penetrating your market place by comparing customer and market segments.